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​Compare drug prices at local and mail-order pharmacies and discover free coupons and savings tips. Find huge savings on drugs not covered by your insurance plan – you may even find savings versus your typical co-payment!

Business Owners With Employees:
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Self Employed Individuals:
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Wellness & Being
​The Healthiest You

Healthiestyou offers you and employees 3 major reasons to get it:
  1. 24/7 access to doctors (no co-pays)
  2. Unique one of a kind online wellness program (improved employee health and productivity) lowers future medical bills
  3. ​Online RX Discount Drug Savings (compares prices at all your local pharmacies for lowest price with coupon) lowest prices
    in your local area

​All Employers need to provide Healthiestyou to their employees as a paid benefit or as a voluntary benefit that will save money for everyone.Employers: Reduce your employees (plus dependents where applicable) healthcare costs (with better health) which results in lower medical claims in the future and higher employee productivity at work.Healthiestyou is different and unique, it shows you proven employee healthcare cost savings plus better health for employees which every employer wants to keep future healthcare costs affordable and retain good employees.Healthiestyou Very Affordable To Everyone (average daily cost per employee less than $1).

Major Benefits To Employers

  • Healthier employees
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Fewer sick days taken
  • Address health and wellness issues on own schedule
  • Measurable reduction in healthcare costs
  • Easy enrollment Over 70% of all ER, urgent care, and doctor visits eliminated
  • No underwriting office visits can be safely and effectively handled over the phone.
  • #1 Telehealth Network 24/7/365 ACCESS TO PHYSICIANS VIA  PHONE, EMAIL, VIDEO
  • Physicians available in all 50 states
  • Treatment by phone for common conditions such as allergies, sore throat, infections and more

Healthiestyou Physician Network Satisfaction

  • 93% patients with issues resolved by healthiestyou
  • 95% of patients who would recommend  healthiestyou
  • 56% of telephone doctor consultations resulting in employee not leaving work
  • 30% doctor callbacks in under two minutes to you or your employees (dependents)
  • Average callback time is 22 minutes members who will use this service again
  • National average satisfaction rating  97% In Sickness   in-person doctor visit is 68%

#1 Online Personalized Wellness Program For Business Owners & Individuals

  • The only health and wellness platform that gets smarter with use
  • Developed by Stanford Medical School trained physician.
  • Past Medical Director Google Worldwide
  • Improve your employees health using brain based behavior modifications
  • Better mood, reduced stress, and more energy!