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Guaranteed Issue Medical

Ask yourself this question, “If you had to write a check tomorrow, would you rather it be for $44.15 or $6,350?”  Pretty simple.  Will the answer change next month, or next year?  Likely not…  The $6,350 figure represents the out of pocket (OOP) associated (by ACA law) with the majority of Exchange based metallic plans, regardless of plan level premium!  The much smaller amount is the meager monthly
premium necessary to enjoy the benefits of the Supplement GAP plan, sufficient to reduce or eliminate the OOP with any plan design for an average period of hospitalization.

Here is another crucial question, “Do you think you will be hospital confined in the next decade?”   When you do the math, you can easily see that a client who has just ONE average hospital confinement with surgery in a 10 year period could collect more than the premiums paid for a Supplement GAP plan!