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Individual Health [back to top]

·        Final Rule Clarifies Employee Orientation Periods and the 90-Day Waiting Period

·        Annual Open Enrollment Periods 2015 - 2020 [Chart]

·        5 Tips for Reimbursing Individual Health Insurance Premiums

·        How to Get Advice When Buying Individual Health Insurance

·        How to Qualify for Premium Tax Credits

·        Why You Need Compliant Healthcare Reimbursement Software

·        Using Defined Contribution to Reimburse for Individual Health Insurance Costs

·        IRS Announces Taxpayer Bill of Rights

·        Individual Health Insurance Costs up to 60% Less - A State by State Comparison

·        FAQ - How Much Does a Health Insurance Reimbursement Program Cost?

·        Personal Health Insurance Reimbursement - An Overview

·        10 Questions to Ask Section 105 Plan Providers

·        Part 5: The Shift to Defined Contribution Healthcare

·        5 ACA Facts All Startups Need to Know

·        ACA Repayment Limitation Table

·        How Will Taxes Be Reconciled With Premium Subsidies?


Medicare [back to top]


Dental [back to top]


Accident/ Short-term [back to top]


Life Insurance [back to top]


Social Security [back to top]

·        IRS Announces Taxpayer Bill of Rights

·        Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security


Annuities [back to top]

·        Sales of Nursing Home Annuities Soar


Group Health [back to top]

·        5 Resources to Understand How Premium Reimbursement Works

·        Infographic - How to Set Up a Premium Reimbursement Program

·        Whiteboard Session - Premium Reimbursement

·        6 Premium Reimbursement Facts All Small Businesses Need to Know

·        Wellness Programs - 10 Ideas for Small Businesses

·        Adoption of Wellness, Healthcare Consumerism and Defined Contribution [Study]

·        Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan - What is it?

·        Why Use Health Reimbursement Software?

·        2 Ways Employers Can Contribute to Employees' Personal Health Plans

·        Why are Small Businesses Still Offering Group Health Insurance?

·        Advantages of Reimbursing Employees for Individual Health Insurance

·        HIPAA Privacy Rule - What Employers Need to Know for Section 105 Reimbursement Plans

·        5 Reasons Employees Love Premium Reimbursement

·        How to Set Up a Premium Reimbursement Program

·        Why You Need Compliant Healthcare Reimbursement Software

·        Group Health Plan vs. Group Health Insurance Plan - What's the Difference?

·        A Small Business Solution to the Health Insurance Tax

·        SHOP Exchanges Struggling to Offer Employees Choice

·        Employer Health Care Arrangement - What is it?

·        The Donut Hole


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